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    We are the world’s biggest distributor of agricultural machinery.

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    We are able to provide the best products on the market, made and distributed by our Group: agricultural machinery, irrigation systems, fuels and special equipment.

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    We work with the best brands on the market, offering you high quality, reliable products.

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    VRI helps farmers manage their resources and costs more effectively.

Who we are

Western irrigation systems are the next generation of large scale irrigation.

Western irrigation systems have been designed and field tested for durability, reliability and features pace setting advances available only with Western systems.

Wen your ultimate goal is to effectively generate more yields from every acre, Western irrigation systems can be configured with multiple types of sprinkler packages, various spans and overhang combinations, as an all-galvanized system, or a galvanized structure with Poly-Line pipe components.

Western irrigation systems make the best use of available resources, as well as offering peak performance in all types of applications and conditions. Over than 30 years of irrigation experience, our engineers have the know-how to meet those challenges

Western irrigation systems consistently provide confirmed results in different terrain and farming situations, and are built to provide trouble-free operation even in the most challenging environments.

Western – Your true success partner

What we do

Financing is crucial for the success of any project, regardless of size.

Understand your idea, analyse the different possible alternatives, and prepare a project that is perfectly suited to your objectives.

We will never stop serving your needs. Thus, once the project has been implemented, we can operate it for as long as you consider necessary, until our customers’ personnel have completed their training on how to manage the new installations.