Who we are


Our qualified team works with you through all stages of your project, from feasibility study to post-harvest.

Western’s team of crop and irrigation management consultants work tirelessly to tackle the varying demands of the different projects which might require more than irrigation. According to the project conditions, our team will create the ideal design, suggest cropping patterns, prepare feasibility studies and offer financing solutions. Our strong international presence – in the Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America, Australia and China – in addition to our long lasting relationship with our strategic partners allow us to offer fully-integrated agricultural solutions the world over.


Western’s team of professionals provides the best Western-CP600 system configuration, irrigation management program and customized irrigation charts to specifically meet your crop demands and field conditions to achieve maximum return on your investment. Our professional team of consultants offers irrigation management services to growers of a variety crops, including; sugar-beets, corn, potatoes, cotton, wheat and alfalfa. Records show such service reduces water consumption by 25% when compared with the previous season at the same project. Our Irrigation Management Consultant Service is available not only on Western systems but also all other brands.


It starts by evaluating the irrigation efficiency of your pivot system in an effort to improve it to the highest level. We then select the best sprinklers to fit your crop and field demand, create charts, supply weather stations and moisture sensors. Each resulting in establishing the irrigation schedules to assure you are applying the right amount of water effectively and at the right time, minimizing your operating cost, increasing your yield and optimizing your return accordingly. Moreover, our professional team provides various training sessions and field days for your working team to improve their skills on running and maintaining your Western pivots effectively.


The right selection of sprinkler package is essential for getting the most efficient irrigation results. Our application engineers and trained dealers are ready and equipped to support you in this regard. They have the capability and experience to select the sprinkler package that suits your field conditions, climate, soil, crop type and/or water quality. Proper selection of your sprinkler package will increase uniformity, overlapping and water-use efficiency. Using a Western designed sprinkler package for a new irrigation system, or to upgrade an existing package will increase the application efficiency up to 95%, saving water consumption, reducing wind drift, minimizing runoff and maintaining soil structure. Defining sprinklers package spacing, positioning and clearance are important in getting better irrigation performance. When you have black soil with a minimum infiltration rate, it is recommended you install your sprinkler package with the hose sling directly under the truss rod. This applies the same amount of water on the more irrigated areas, allowing you to match the lower infiltration rate of the black soil.
Western irrigation systems are supplied with different type of sprinklers including: Senninger, Komet or Nelson, according to the your field conditions.


We provide comprehensive spare parts for your Western products through our extensive certified distributor network. We also offer the best warranty programs in the industry, ensuring your irrigation system continues working year after year.
When you choose Western irrigation systems, you select a great team of technicians, professionals, engineers and Ph. D degree consultants.Our pre-sales service starts by planning and designing your project, advising the best pivot configuration, pump size and power source to buy. Moreover, we can offer a variety of financial options to setup your project. After the sale, our professional technicians will install your system and do the required services to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently.


The installation process begins with a detailed scope-of-work review to define your installation and training requirements, site environment, geography, project timeline, and reporting requirements. Based on your system’s unique requirements, we will assign the right specialists and installation technicians to successfully perform the job.

Our Installations and Commissioning Engineers / Authorized dealers are equipped with all the tools and know-how to get your system up and running. They will check and configure all structural and electrical parts, as well as hydraulic Custom Training.

We provide on-site or remote training sessions to ensure your system’s smooth performance. In addition, we offer personalized training so end-users understand how to effectively operate our machines. We support our customers with the most up-to-date manuals and bulletins related to our products. We have the experience to train your people so that they can quickly become “experts.”


We schedule regular maintenance visits at fixed intervals, or on ad-hoc basis, in order for our Maintenance Engineers / Authorized Dealers to assess your system and carry out the replacement or servicing of worn or consumable parts. We will also provide you with a detailed report containing further recommendations, which we can then perform if you choose.

If you request a service visit, we will arrange a time convenient to carry out the work — anywhere in the world.


Our products are guaranteed free from defects in material and workmanship for a minimum of two years or 6,000 operating hours, whichever occurs first, unless a different period is otherwise expressly stated in the “Warranty Period” clause of the sales contract.

In Case Lined Pivots, pipes are guaranteed for 10 years.

Warranty Extension Program.

To make sure your machine is always operational and to prolong its useful life, we offer the option of an extended warranty for up to 5 years.

Moreover, in case your irrigation system — either Western or any other brand — requires maintenance, our service team is on hand to offer you this option as well.

All of our machines come with copy of our Limited Warranty Policy.